Monday, April 24, 2006

Game 1 post-mortem

First and foremost, Vince’s right wrist and right side…they’re sore. But he’s playing tomorrow in Game 2.

We expected a lot of defense of Carter today, especially after the grilling he took in the papers following a 12-for-33 performance. And we got it.

“I liked his intent,” Lawrence Frank said. “It’s a shame they didn’t go in. Vince is all about the team. As teammates and coaches we’re very comfortable with where the ball was at. It didn’t work in our favor, but there was a whole lot more about that game than Vince’s shots.”

But let’s stick to this topic for a moment. . . Yes, Carter took too many shots for the game. But we didn’t have as much of a problem with how the shots were broken down. Nineteen of the 33 came in the first half…with Carter, ice cold from everywhere, trying to establish something. Perhaps he tried too hard.

Carter took only four shots in the third quarter. He did take 10 shots in the fourth quarter and he made five of them, including three straight late layups. That was about par in many of the Nets’ 49 wins this season.

What about the other guys? Well, Nenad Krstic did hit a 20-footer with 1:46 left. Richard Jefferson had a layup with 1:07 left and the last shot of the game.

It’s still hard to argue. 33 shots is a ton. . . But the Nets will have no problem taking the criticism and turning it into motivation for Game 2. The mood today was a mixture between annoyed and anxious. But no one’s panicked at all.

Although not nearly as popular a topic, the Nets defense left a lot to be desired in Game 1. Indiana had 56 points at halftime. Stephen Jackson had it too easy in the first half. Jermaine O’Neal had 11 of his 18 in the fourth quarter, all down low.

The Pacers had their way on the defensive glass, too, 31-23. That killed the Nets late.

“We gave them some second opportunities, some three-point field goals that they made,” Jason Kidd said. “So if we can rebound, maybe we have a better opportunity to run and maybe that will loosen everybody up”

Kidd’s 2-for-11 also got lost in the shuffle.

“I missed some bunnies,” Kidd confessed. “I missed a couple of layups and maybe I got down on myself instead of staying focused and continuing to take shots that present themselves.”

Weird sighting at today’s practice. Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith was there as an interviewer, for NBA TV…Who knew they taught that stuff at Oak Hill Academy?

Something VERY cool for Game 2 . . . Ian Eagle and Bill Raftery will have the call on NBA TV… We believe this is their first Nets’ pairing since Raf left the team. These guys have great chemistry. Wonder if we can get an audio feed from press row?

Frank may or may not be happy the game’s on NBA TV tonight, rather than TNT. Depends on if things are going the Nets way.

“TV timeouts are like 15 minutes apiece,” Frank said. "Like a game takes four or five hours. Trust me I like it. I run out of things to say, which doesn't happen a whole lot. But during timeouts it's like, 'How much time we got?' Putting us in NBA-TV, maybe the timeouts are going to be like 15 seconds.”


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