Monday, May 01, 2006

Before the brink...

It’s Game 5 time. . . The precursor to the precipice. The team that loses is on the brink of elimination. The one that wins can feel awfully good about their chances.

Which basically means the Nets have more overconfidence to protect from because it’s now a best-of-3 series and they have two more (potentially) at home.

That and the fact the Pacers are having their physical problems with Peja Stojakovic doubtful tomorrow, Jeff Foster nursing a bad back and Jermaine O’Neal complaining of symptoms that are flu-like.

“If they win, they have a chance to finish it off (at home in Game 6),” Richard Jefferson warned today.

By the way, we’re still awaiting word from Elias on O’Neal’s numbers when he has flu-like symptoms.


Too bad TNT doesn’t have tomorrow night’s Nets-Pacers game. If Reggie Miller was there, he might want to respond to RJ’s comments today regarding Game 5 in 2002. . . . you know, the one where RJ missed two free throw with 5.9 seconds left in regulation and Reggie hit a three at the buzzer to force the first of two overtimes, before the Nets finally won and set a course for playoff dominance for the next few years. Yeah, that one.

“Shouldn’t have counted,” Jefferson said. “Because of us, the instant replay thing had been implemented.

“I’m not criticizing. I’m saying at that time there was no way to check it. Now there is as chance because as you know in Game 5s, people hit shots that shouldn’t count. And if they would have gone on to win - unfortunately, in a very, very sad situation - they would have won the game they shouldn’t have won.”

Whether you agree with him or not, sometimes the dude is beat-writer gold.


On the same subject, can’t fault TNT (this time) for having Chicago-Miami as the first game of their doubleheader on Tuesday. Right now, it’s a more compelling series because of the upset potential.

Then the Lakers-Suns follow it, after one of the all-time classics on Sunday.

“A game for the ages,” Lawrence Frank said today.

For those who plan their schedules around the Nets (this would include editors), Game 6 is slated for 7 p.m. on Thursday back in Indy. Same time for Game 7 on Saturday at the Meadowlands, if necessary.


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