Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good . . . . byes

Talk about how much has changed in a year . .. After last season, Jason Kidd was clearly irritated about the repeated questions of what the Nets’ needed. (He hates that GM stuff). The Nets still have needs, but this time Kidd seemed happier to answer the questions . . . because of their starting lineup and the increased balance in the conference.
”You look around the league,” Kidd said. “The league is getting tighter and becoming compressed. If you look at the top 10 or top 5, it could go either way going into the fourth quarter.

“We probably won’t be mentioned, but at the end of the day, hopefully we can get there to be one of those top teams because the league is starting to shrink. It used to be one dominant team and the rest is good. Now there are just a lot of good teams out there and it can go either way. So hopefully next year we can be in that situation.”

They probably will be . . . so long as no one in the Atlantic improves like Cleveland and Chicago has.


Lots of talk about Cliff today, who was here at the practice facility, but did not talk . . .which all may be moot, because the Nets certainly aren’t going to exercise the $2.5 million option on his contract. And it would seem unlikely that management would want to offer the veteran’s minimum.

The players basically said they’d take him back (they’re union guys, you know). Lawrence perfectly pointed out the great shame of it all (besides the fact that he probably cost them a game or two against the Heat).

“Cliff, if you take out what happened at the end, really had a super year,” Lawrence said. “It was very, very unfortunate that what happened because it takes away from how good he was for us. That he really had a great year obviously gets lost because of what happened.”

So does Lawrence want him back?

“With any free agent, it's a joint decision, so I'm not going to make any statement.”

Stop your giggling. Lawrence didn’t mean it that way.


Thanks for reading the blog during the playoffs . . we’ll see if we can get this thing back up and running next season.


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Biggest Fan here. I was happy to see you online after reading you for so many years. Were there any arguments in the locker room today over the loss? Or were things pretty quiet?

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