Monday, May 08, 2006

Meeting the Heat . . . at last

After a weekend of picking part the Nets-Heat series, Pat Riley put it best this morning at AmericanAirlines Arena. (What does AA have against the space bar anyway?)

“I’m so glad we’re playing this damn game,” said Riley, who was in very good spirits.

Everything has been dissected to its most finite points thus far. From Vince v. Heat, Shaq v. Nets and all down the line. But in speaking to Damon Stoudamire this morning (who’s here for NBA TV) he seems to think Jason Kidd is going to have a huge series.

Kidd, by the way, is getting a little tired of responding to how he’ll fare against Dwyane Wade (really Richard Jefferson’s guy) after a very tough time against Anthony Johnson.

“Are we comparing A.J. to Dwyane Wade?,” Kidd retorted. “I think A.J. will be happy. Dwyane Wade might be a little upset. One is a point guard and one is a two guard. They play different positions but give Dwyane Wade the edge in that matchup.”


Don’t misunderstand. Kidd was in a good mood today. This is his third time facing Bay Area rival Gary Payton in the playoffs. They’ve split the first two meetings, but Payton, of course, has the edge in the trash-talking.

“I won’t out-chat him,” he said. “There is nobody in this league that can out-talk him.”


Jason Collins hasn’t flipped on refusing to talk about Shaq’s assertions that he flops when defending him. But you get the idea it’s not Collins favorite subject – because if he actually defends the way he defends, he could stir something up.

“It isn't flopping when he puts his elbow through you chest,” Collins said this morning. “But at the same time, you don't go out there to flop, you go out to play solid defense.”
The Nets are on TNT tonight. And given how infrequently they were showcased during the regular-season against Indiana, the Nets are not beyond thinking the presence of the Heat has something to do with it.

Vince Carter seems to making it a motivational point. Kidd wasn’t buying in yet.

“They couldn't find another repeat movie to put on,” Kidd said of the network. “We haven't been on all year. At this point, why make a big stink about it?


Blogger Greg J said...

hey Bob,
yeah I'm certainly hoping Kidd has a big series, it's going to be needed. Looking at the other teams in the playoffs, each gets not only double digit points from most starters, but some from the bench as well. The Nets bench hasn't been as productive.

I'm hoping the Nets get at least one win from the first two games in Miami.

It will also be interesting to see if John Thomas gets used for six fouls on Shaq.


3:20 PM  
Blogger Bob Considine said...

Hi Greg,

Getting ready for game-time... Good call on the Nets needing a win in Miami. Obviously, with Miami holding home-court advantage, they're going to need to win one.

So much of this will come down to how fairly the refs call the game with Shaq at home. If he stays in any game, the Nets are in trouble.

John Thomas has a chance to be a folk hero in this series...but it's going to come down to so much more than Big John. Can VC dominate like he has. Can the Nets get Shaq out of the game or contain Dwyane Wade.

One advantage Kidd has in this series is Jason Williams is not especially fleet of foot for long periods of time. That less Kidd gets broken down defensively, the more effective he'll be.

Enjoy the game!


4:33 PM  
Blogger Greg J said...

hey Bob,
dangit! The Nets played awesome for 3 quarters then went to sleep! Don't they know they can't take it easy for an entire quarter? Too much is at stake. That was disappointing to watch.

Luckily they were able to keep some distance in the last few minutes. Kidd's jumper was such a relief.

Finally Kidd was hit shots tonight.

I'm hoping RJs ankle is ok. Looked like a painful turn-over on replay.

Take care and enjoy balmy Biscayne bay,


9:17 PM  
Blogger Jeff Lippman said...

Hey Bob...I am sick of hearing people (on forums especially) diss Vince and say that losing this series was his fault.

The clear reason we lost is because we have NO bench..without Cliff our bench is easily THE worst in the league. Lets get a back up PG, and trade both picks for a higher 1st rounder and pick Sheldon Williams from Duke who could be a cheap soloution to a depth problem and a rebounding problem. Also, where are we going to get another defensive minded interior defender if we choose to dump Cliff?

Thanks Bob and Great job as always.


9:32 AM  

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