Wednesday, May 10, 2006

To play or not to play...

Lots of speculation on Richard’s status for tonight. He was listed as doubtful yesterday for Game 2 tonight. And we feel it should be the same right now.

But RJ wasn’t wearing a boot today. He wasn’t limping. And he was still holding out hope he could go.

Lawrence Frank put it best at the morning shootaround, in a crammed office in the locker room.

“Oh, if he can play, he's gonna play,” L-Frank said. “We wouldn't put him in jeopardy. If he's on the floor, it's because we're all sure there's not going to be potential risk.”


Politician, salesman, martyr? ….Or sincere coach?

That’s what we were trying to make of Pat Riley this morning. Riles seems to want to downplay the impact of the officiating in this series for fear it could negatively effect the Heat later in the series.

Before today, Riley was reluctant to talk about Shaq’s problems with the whistles. Today, he might as well offered tonight’s crew a limo ride to the arena.

"I think we led the league in free throw attempts,” Riley said. “I don’t think we’re a team that gets hosed. I don’t. I try to get my players to stop it. Stop it! It’s not them, it’s us, okay? And it’s the opposition. So stop looking at somebody else and being a victim. Make the adjustment, you’ve got to make in this league.”

Jason Collins was expecting O’Neal to adjust…a lot of keeping the elbows in, perhaps curtailing his aggressiveness inside, like in the fourth quarter of Game 1, when Shaq scored 13 of his 20 points.

“His adjustment is probably that he's going to shoot over us instead of trying to go through us,” Collins said. “Our adjustment to that is as soon as he shoots it, we've got to get to him and block him out so he can't just reach over us and get the offensive rebound.”


Saw Kenyon Martin at a restaurant last night. In talking to him at halftime during Game 1 and seeing him last night, the guy seems very happy, despite all of the trouble in Denver.

We’re wondering where he’ll wind up, just like most people. The favorable situations seem few (New York and Portland aren’t good)…But maybe the Heat take an interest in him. They have pieces the Nuggets could entertain, if it means getting rid that albatross of a contract.


Blogger Greg J said...

hey Bob,

I know the expectation was that the Nets would have a tough time in game two, but it’s now mid fourth quarter, the Nets have stunk it up, and I cannot watch anymore.

What happened?

The turnovers, dropped passes, missed shots, and seeming lack of effort was painful to watch. The whole team was out of sync.

They abandoned their inside game strategy, settled for outside jump shots, had almost no drives to the basket, the few points in the paint were on passes, not drives. It’s obvious they’re not even trying to score in the paint.

The problem is that the Nets cannot win with outside shooting. It’s just not that good. For the Nets to win, it has to come from winning battles under the boards.

To Miami’s credit they came out sharp in game two. They’re shots went in, they seemed to hit on more threes than they missed, and their defense stopped the Nets cold. It was like day and night for both teams.

So, let’s see them turn this around Friday night in the Meadowlands.


7:42 PM  
Blogger Bob Considine said...

Hello Greg J.,

It really was a reversal of fortunes for both teams from Game 1 to Game 2. Both teams got beat over the head in the first quarter and never recovered.

This game kind of reminded me of when the Nets and Heat played last year in that New Jersey had so few answers for Wade and got completely out of sync offensively.

When the Nets get out of their rhythm with slow cuts, early jumpers and the other team gets going, they never seem to get back into it. That's been part and parcel in a lot of blowout losses this season. And they don't happen often.

Just a little insight, Greg, on Miami's desperation level, too. The Nets weren't going to match it, no matter what. If the Heat lose in Game 2, the series is basically over. They knew it. They did something about it.

I have a feeling I'll be back here for Game 7.

Thanks for readin' and writin'


10:02 PM  

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