Monday, May 15, 2006

Walking the plank

It’s all over but the re-routing, as the Nets will head to Miami for Game 5 to either finish their season or delay the inevitable.

Jason Collins was noting how the Suns were able to come back from 3-1 down to get past the Lakers last series in the first round, one of eight teams that have done it out of 163 like scenarios.

The problem there is the Suns are better than the Nets, and the Heat are better than the Lakers.

Still, we look for good intent from New Jersey in Game 5 . . . These guys usually warm to adversity. An elimination game on the road qualifies as such.

“I have more success to think about than failure,” Richard Jefferson said. “In that case, you have to go out there and believe in that every single time that every shot’s going to go in, that you’re going to make every play. You keep playing until the buzzer sounds.”


Cliff Robinson was here today. He sends his best.

Nets were pretty much mum on what he had to say, although our guesses at an apology were not poo-poo’ed.

“What goes on in that locker room stays in that locker room,” Lawrence Frank said. “But he was here. He was an active participant, what we were doing.”

Cliff isn’t allowed to be in the arena during the games, so he’s not going to Miami. Wouldn’t imagine it being very comfortable if he did go.


Lawrence always gets asked if he plans on taking excerpts out of his big book of motivation, because it usually works. And he probably will tomorrow. But his words on how the Nets can get past these guys for at least one more tomorrow seem to be motivation enough, mostly because they’ve beaten Miami before.

“We can do it if we maintain our discipline and maintain our ball movement, maintain making the extra pass and extra penetration,” he said. “There are no secrets.”


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